On behalf of the KDE Hub, I am so pleased to extend a warm welcome to this virtual place, now open to members of the new Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund (MHP-IF) community. It’s a starting point only. Over time, we hope this site will be your ‘go to’ for information, for connecting with others, and for providing feedback and suggestions to the KDE Hub to improve our support for you.

A public launch of the site will be after the federal government’s formal announcement of the MHP-IF. Before then, and with your input, we will develop the site further and refine it to make this place as welcoming and useful as possible.

To get started with the site, explore it as you wish. For a refresher on the KDE Hub – who we are and what we do – check out our short video. You might also want to browse a first round of resources we posted; another starting point that we’ll build on with your input.

For a facilitated tour of website features – in place and planned – please attend the Hub’s first biweekly webinar on February 26th. You will also learn about some early findings from our 1:1 conversations with each funded project, and start a conversation with us about what the findings mean for our work together.

Thanks to all for your leadership and innovation in mental health promotion – programs, policies, systems and young Canadians will benefit from your efforts.

Thanks also for helping us help you achieve your goals, as individual projects and as a community.


Barb Riley
KDE Hub Scientific Director