Our Vision and Niche

Find out about the KDE Hub’s ‘north star’, who we serve, the difference we aim to make, and what we do

What is our vision, our desired future, our ‘north star’?

Mental health promotion for Canadians that is evidence-informed, sensitive to diverse contexts and cultures, equitable, and sustainable.

This is a tall order and worth pursuing. Mental health promotion is a young field. We need to both apply best available evidence and build new evidence as we go. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for promoting mental health. We need to tailor approaches to diverse places, cultures, gender identities, abilities, incomes, and other characteristics of individuals and communities. We need to consider who is served and who might be left out. We need to make sure promising approaches last and are available to all who can benefit from them. We need committed people (professionals and citizens), and supportive systems to make this happen.

Who does the KDE Hub serve?

Our primary audience is projects funded through federal initiatives. These same initiatives also fund the KDE Hub. In addition, we support others who share interests with these projects in advancing determinants of mental health and health equity.

The KDE Hub is here to support connections and learning amongst projects and others who are helping mental health promotion flourish in Canada.

What difference will the KDE Hub make?

The KDE Hub exists to help mental health promotion flourish in Canada. We contribute to:

  • Meaningful new knowledge created within and across projects funded through federal initiatives
  • Supportive and mutual learning amongst projects and with others who share their interests
  • Stronger systemic supports for optimal mental health promotion in Canada

What we do

Guided by our vision and niche, the Hub:

  • Co-designs studies with funded projects that contribute new knowledge
  • Curates knowledge and resources to fill meaningful gaps, and to share lessons from the initiatives, supported by the KDE Hub
  • Makes connections amongst funded projects within each initiative and between projects and others with relevant expertise, experiences and networks.
  • Provides access to advice and guidance on intervention planning, research, evaluation, and knowledge exchange
  • Hosts an annual symposium on mental health promotion