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Children’s Mental Health Ontario 2023 Conference

novembre 19 2023 - novembre 21 2023

Coming out of the pandemic, the mental health needs of Ontario’s infants, children, youth, and families have never been greater. Looking back on lessons learned and innovations in service delivery over the pandemic, there is an opportunity as system leaders to come together for a better tomorrow and to co-create a child and youth mental health system that provides timely and equitable access to high-quality mental health care for all Ontario families.The CMHO Conference is North America’s largest child and youth mental health conference and will take place November 19-21, 2023. With the goal of building a stronger mental health system for infants, children, and youth, this conference convenes leaders from community-based child and youth mental health centres and key system partners, including those from hospitals, primary care, education, child welfare, youth justice, adult mental health, and youth and families with lived expertise. The conference provides an opportunity to highlight evidence-based practices, share knowledge and experiences, and build on our collective efforts to improve outcomes for infants, children, and youth, together with their families.

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Début :
novembre 19 2023
Fin :
novembre 21 2023