Hub Tool: Developing an Outcomes Measurement Approach

Author: KDE Hub Mental Health Promotion for Children and Youth (2021)

KDE Hub Mental Health Promotion for Children and Youth (July 2021). Developing an Outcomes Measurement Approach. Waterloo, Ontario: Knowledge Development and Exchange Hub, Renison University College, University of Waterloo.


This tool fills common gaps and tailors content to child and youth mental health promotion (CYMHP). It briefly describes some measurement basics, provides an overview of main outcomes for CYMHP, and offers tips and examples for developing and operationalizing outcome measures. The tool concludes with some guidance for selecting measurement instruments and pre-testing measures for project participants and contexts.

Potential use

By teams who are developing or reviewing their research and evaluation plans for projects addressing mental health promotion for children and youth. This tool will help teams identify their main outcome concepts and how to measure them. Teams will find it most useful if they have completed previous steps in a typical study planning process. They will have a shared understanding of their project’s theory of change and stage(s) of development, know how results from their intervention studies are going to be used, and have at least a starting set of intervention study questions.

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