Hub Tool: Feasible Enhancements for Intervention Study Designs

Author: KDE Hub Mental Health Promotion for Children and Youth (2021)

KDE Hub Mental Health Promotion for Children and Youth (July 2021). Feasible Enhancements for Intervention Study Designs. Waterloo, Ontario: Knowledge Development and Exchange Hub, Renison University College, University of Waterloo.


This tool starts by providing a perspective on an evolving field of population intervention studies, and some promising developments within it. The tool then describes some enhancements to study designs that are generally practical to implement and strengthen what projects can say about the difference they are making.

Potential use

By teams who are developing or reviewing their research and evaluation plans for projects addressing mental health promotion for children and youth. This tool will be most helpful if teams have a shared understanding of their theory of change, clarity on intended uses of information from their intervention studies (e.g., for project improvements, new knowledge, accountability), consensus on intervention study questions, and developing a measurement approach. A next step is to consider study designs that may be most suitable to answer a project’s most important study questions. This tool will help teams consider some features of select study designs that are feasible to implement and can help teams say the most about the difference their project is making.

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