Webinar: Hub website tour and needs assessment update

This was the first in a series of on-line seminars in support of the funded projects of the Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund (MHP-IF). This session featured the Knowledge Development and Exchange Hub (KDE Hub) website. The website is intended to be an interactive web-based platform and the virtual arm of the KDE Hub. It has been envisioned as a place that will evolve to share insights, challenges, learnings, results, and processes amongst MHP-IF projects and beyond. The purpose for this session was to encourage projects to visit and shape the Hub website.

There was also an update on the in-progress needs assessment. The needs assessment includes 1:1 conversations with projects in order to learn how the KDE Hub can best support them as well as start to identify opportunities for new knowledge and shared learning amongst funded projects. The intention for this session was to build awareness of the needs assessment process and the planned use of the information.

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