MH COVID Capstone Event: Connect, Celebrate, Create Change



Who is this event for? 

Team members of projects funded through the Supporting the Mental Health of those Most Affected by COVID-19 (MH COVID) initiative are invited. Participants from the more than forty projects from across Canada will be joined by Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) program planners and decision-makers. Members of the KDE Hub will also be attending as organizers, participants and learners. We are planning for about one hundred participants with shared interests in practice and policy.  In short, this in-person event is being planned for you!

Why would I attend?

To share what your project has learned and accomplished

There will be opportunities throughout the agenda to share your project through presentation, facilitated discussion, product sharing and/or informal networking. The KDE Hub will develop knowledge products that will be shared beyond the event and capture a collective story of our efforts to promote health equity and mental health for all Canadians.

To connect with others who are working to improve the conditions for mental health in Canada

This will be an opportunity to learn with and from those who share your interests and passions. The agenda will forefront the experiences and expertise of MH COVID project team members and there will be opportunities to have structured and informal conversations. Our goal is to hear from and learn from one another.

To understand how your work fits in a broader context

We will hear from PHAC, guests with relevant perspectives, and one another on the mental health promotion and mental illness prevention landscape in Canada. This will be an opportunity to take-stock of how we are doing in making progress on reducing health inequities that the pandemic amplified. We are pleased to share that Dr. Kate Mulligan, will provide a keynote address. Dr. Mulligan specializes in health equity, healthy public policy, and community wellbeing.

To understand and contribute to future priorities for mental wellness

As important as reflecting on what we have learned through the MH COVID initiative will be to consider where does this take us next? How can we sustain and scale what works? What are upcoming opportunities to grow mental health promotion and mental illness prevention?

What do I need to know about attending?

The Public Health Agency of Canada has provided funding to support travel and accommodations. For projects who do not already have travel funds designated for this purpose, the KDE Hub will work with participants to cover travel expenses related to this event. Contact if you have any questions about the event, registration or travel.