New Hub video: What is Mental Health Promotion?

The KDE Hub’s 2nd Annual Symposium is fast approaching – February 16-18, 2022. Designed as a virtual, experiential event, symposium participants will explore how to help Mental Health Promotion flourish in Canada.

Helping mental health promotion flourish will take many people, with many perspectives and from many places – all pulling in the same direction. The strength of this pull will depend on the strength of our shared understanding of mental health promotion (MHP).

To support this shared understanding, the KDE Hub developed a 5-minute video. Our background research involved reviewing definitions of mental health promotion and related concepts, with an emphasis on the last five years and inclusive of different worldviews.

The Hub distilled four features to answer the question, What is MHP. The four features address Why, What, How, Who & Where. Building a shared understanding around these features allows for tailoring of specific definitions to unique contexts and cultures.

The video also reminds us:

  • It is an opportune moment to grow mental health promotion in Canada.
  • MHP is foundational to the full spectrum of mental health interventions.
  • Many contributing to MHP will lead with other issues (like housing, employment, food security).

We invite you to check-out the Hub’s new video. We invite you to consider joining us at the Hub’s upcoming 2nd Annual Symposium  if the four features of MHP ring true for you. Our collective gaze and pull in these directions will help individuals, communities, and systems flourish, even as we navigate ongoing pandemic realities. Perhaps especially as we do.