Phase 2 of the MHP-IF

It’s official! With recent announcements from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the second phase of the Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund (MHP-IF) is now well underway. Due to a provincial election in Ontario, ten projects were first announced in May and then another five in June. Renewed funding for the KDE Hub, also based in Ontario, was included in the most recent announcement.

In addition to a stronger focus on full project implementation, evaluation, and scaling, a key pillar of the second phase of the MHP-IF is health equity. As we heard at the Hub’s June 9th webinar, addressing inequity means more than targeting disadvantaged groups; it means reaching those living at the intersections of inequality by removing barriers to optimal health. The MHP-IF program supports diverse projects in addressing inequity as part of the development, delivery, and evaluation of their interventions.

Check out the Hub website’s updated project pages that reflect the health equity focus and projects of this second phase. The Hub team will continue to work with project teams for accuracy and additions to these and other descriptions of their work as it continues to evolve over the next four years.

Announcement from May 2022

Announcement from June 2022

Media event recording from May 6

Media event recording from June 13