Project Spotlight: Black Coalition for Aids Prevention

Trauma informed care to Promote Mental Health Equity for 2SLGBTQIA+ Community

Addressing the mental health counselling needs of African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) 2SLGBTQI+ community members who are experiencing mental health issues.


African, Caribbean and Black individuals who also identify as part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community



The goal is to strengthen a trauma-informed model of care that is responsive to the needs and lived experience of ACB populations.


The program provides a combination of activities including:

  • One-to-one supports
  • Brief solution-focused supports and referrals
  • Group programming to address mental health and problematic substance use
  • Peer-based supports



  • Online
  • Community

Implementation sites

  • Toronto (Greater Toronto Area)


  • COVID-related isolation had a severe impact on HIV+ folks
  • There was insufficient or scarce programming for HIV+ ACB queer female identifying and non-binary community members


In the words of the project team members

“We’re trying to reach out to more queer black women and non-binary people. We’re trying to reach out to more HIV positive people. We just want to bring everybody in the space together with a community where all of their intersectionalities don’t matter because everyone in the space would be the same.”

Key protective factors

  • Cultural connectedness and identity
  • Self-determination
  • Identity/belonging
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Access to health and support services

Key approaches

  • Community
  • Trauma-informed





Lone Tumisang