Project Spotlight: Moyo Health and Community Services

Theatre for Positive Mental Health

Rehearsing and reconstructing a positive self-identity through storytelling for African, Caribbean and Black Communities in the Peel Region.


African, Caribbean and Black adults living in the Peel Region.



  • Through raising awareness of emotional and psychological wellbeing, Theatre for Positive Mental Health aims to give participants the opportunity to critically reflect on how the social determinants of mental health affect their wellbeing.


Through improvised theatre exercises, participants will develop stories and narratives that address the unique determinants of health impacting black populations. Participatory theatre is an evidence-based tool, rooted in community participation, that aims to improve mental health outcomes.



  • Community

Implementation sites

  • Peel Region, ON


  • There is silence surrounding mental health, illness and associated stigma in Black communities.
  • This silence prevents people in these communities from seeking help.
  • An arts-based tool has potential to showcase different angles and perspectives


In the words of the project team members

“The major difference that we hope to make with this program is to break down the silences around black mental health and the stigmas that are associated with that. We know that the more we hide, and the more that we isolate, especially in Black communities where often the answer to mental health is to kind of deal with it by yourself, we want to open that conversation and bring it out so that everybody is able to see.”

Key protective factors

  • Social and emotional skills
  • Cultural connectedness
  • Identity and belonging
  • Supportive relationships in the community
  • Safe and secure environments

Key approaches

  • Arts-based methods
  • Storytelling