Positive Solutions for Families (Phase 1)

Positive Solutions for Families (PSF) is a user-friendly training series for parents and caregivers. PSF aims to promote positive and effective parenting behaviours; promoting children’s social and emotional development. The goal of this project is to build a sustainable, population-level program to develop family protective factors for mental health promotion through a focus on building supportive environments for social and emotional learning during early childhood.

Engaging families in positive solutions for social-emotional learning during early childhood

Positive Solutions for Families is a user-friendly training series for parents and caregivers, designed to complement an existing social and emotional learning program (called the Pyramid Model) that is being implemented with childcare centres across Nova Scotia. The parent training aims to support families by promoting their ability to support their child’s social and emotional health. Positive Solutions uses evidence-based practices, providing families with opportunities to learn and/or strengthen parenting practices in relation to social-emotional learning. Implementing Positive Solutions will help close the knowledge gap between childcare providers and families with regards to understanding social and emotional learning. It will also provide continuous support across environments, with children receiving consistent messages in home and childcare settings. In partnership with the Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre at Mount Saint Vincent University and Nova Scotia Early Childhood Development Intervention Services, our project proposes to implement, adapt and evaluate the Positive Solutions program in selected regulated childcare centres in Nova Scotia. We are also building connections through an Advisory Committee to inform potential scaling and growth to support families in mental health promotion in Nova Scotia.

Lead organization: Mount Saint Vincent University (Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre) and Nova Scotia Early Childhood Development Intervention Services

Location: Nova Scotia


Looking to get in touch with this project? Send an email to Jessie-Lee McIsaac (jessie-lee.mcisaac@msvu.ca) or Patricia Monaghan (pmonaghan@nsecdis.ca) for more information.