Families in TRANSition (Phase 1)

This project will develop, adapt, and implement the Families in TRANSition (FIT) program, an intervention that will significantly improve the mental health of Canadian transgender and non-binary (trans) youth and young adults ages 13-24 by reducing risk factors and promoting protective factors.

Families in TRANSition (FIT)

This project is designed to improve the mental health of transgender, non-binary and gender questioning (trans) youth (aged 13-24), by strengthening relationships with their caregivers/ parents. The intervention involves 10-week-long support groups that will run simultaneously for families. A parent group is aimed at increasing parent understanding of trans identity and healthcare, the mental health impacts of transphobia and trans-misogyny, rejecting parenting practices, and micro-aggressions such as mis-gendering, as well as behavioral strategies to promote secure attachment during the period of early transition. A youth group aims to improve trans youth mental health by increasing peer and parental support, providing coping skills to mitigate gender discrimination and increasing knowledge and agency regarding social, legal and medical transitioning options. An evaluation of the intervention will be conducted using a participatory action research model. Intervention activities will take place at two locations in Toronto and one location in Ottawa.

Lead organization: Central Toronto Youth Services

Location: Ontario


Looking to get in touch with this project? Send an email to LeeAndra Miller (leeandra.miller@ctys.org) for more information.