A Way Home: Working Together to End Youth Homelessness

A Way Home

A Way Home: Working Together to End Youth Homelessness 

This project will scale up and evaluate a mental health promotion intervention (Family and Natural Supports) designed to prevent youth homelessness by supporting youth and their families and/or natural supports to strengthen their connections and enhance their wellbeing. This intervention takes a holistic and trauma-informed approach that will help prepare young people to transition to adulthood.

A Way Home is working with 10 youth-serving organizations, selected in partnership with the National Learning Community on Youth Homelessness, a pan-Canadian network of youth-serving organizations, to implement and refine the Family and Natural Supports intervention. This work includes providing training, coaching, program support, and facilitating dedicated communities of practice. Additionally, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness will evaluate the intervention. The project aims to involve more than 300 youth (ages 13-24) who are at risk of homelessness, along with their family members and other natural supports. The project will take place across 10 sites in four provinces.

Lead organization: A Way Home

Location: National

Looking to get in touch with this project? Send an email to Katie Davies Jorgensen (katiedj@yorku.ca), Francesca Di Maria Monni  (fdimaria-monni@awayhome.ca), or Heidi Walter: hwalter@awayhome.ca for more information.






A Way Home