Community Youth Wellness PreVenture Program

Northwestern Health Unit

Community Youth Wellness PreVenture Program

This project aims to deliver a culturally adapted model of the PreVenture Program, an evidence-based prevention program that focuses on strengths and uses personality targeted interventions to promote youth mental health and delay substance use. The workshops are designed to help youth build self-efficacy, and the coping and cognitive behavioural skills needed to manage developmental challenges such as academic stress, peer pressure, interpersonal conflict and identity development. PreVenture involves brief cognitive-behavioural interventions targeting personality traits, with a strengths-based approach that has been proven in randomized control trials to produce beneficial mental health and substance use outcomes. Key partnerships include the two largest school boards in the Kenora-Rainy River Districts (Keewatin-Patricia and Rainy River District School Boards), as well as numerous other health and social service agencies who will be engaged in local delivery of the program in schools. 

Lead organization: Northwestern Health Unit

Location: Northwestern, Ontario

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Northwestern Health Unit

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