Mental Health Funding: National Association of Friendship Centres

National Association of Friendship Centres

Mental Health Funding: National Association of Friendship Centres

Friendship Centres connect people to culture, to community, and the resources to stay healthy. In addition to connecting community members, Friendship Centres help remove systemic barriers and access to culturally relevant services, including mental health services. Although COVID-19 exacerbated the challenge, FCs have been on the frontlines of urban care for a long time. Culturally relevant health care (including mental health), affordable transportation and accommodations, and patient navigation all contribute to better overall outcomes. Through the following mental health supports programs, NAFC will support Friendship Centres to increase their capacity to provide and expand access to trauma-informed mental health and cultural support services. Programming/activities are as unique as each Friendship Center. Some examples are Cultural Programming (medicine wheel teachings, traditional medicines, ribbon skirt/shirt, traditional foods, access to ceremony), Community programming (food security, family programming, community gatherings), Mental Health Programming (bridging traditional and Western teachings, self-care, mental health/training), staff capacity (to cover leave, assist with programming, ease the workload for existing staff).

Lead organization: National Association of Friendship Centres

Location: National

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