The Wanasah Trauma-Responsive Community (Pilot) Initiative


The Wanasah Trauma-Responsive Community (Pilot) Initiative

The Wanasah Trauma-Responsive Community Pilot Initiative (TRCI) aims to design, implement, and test an approach to developing Black-centric, trauma-responsive community support services in Toronto’s Regent Park community, and to spread findings from this work to other communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across large urban centres in Canada. This initiative takes a community-driven participatory approach to developing and addressing culturally-safe, equity-focused mental health services and supports that help prevent and mitigate the ongoing impacts of diverse forms of trauma and violence, on the mental health of Black youth and their families in Regent Park, and neighbouring communities, during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout the post-pandemic recovery. 

Lead organization: Wanasah: Mental Health Services For Black Youth

Location: National

Looking to get in touch with this project? Send an email to Namarig Ahmed ( or Julian Waithe ( for more information.





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