Connect: Supporting Kinship & Foster Parents (Phase 1)

Connect for Kinship & Foster Parents delivers a trauma informed, culturally sensitive, and attachment focused group-based intervention to kinship and foster caregivers. This intervention recognizes the unique caregiving challenges they experience and works in a collaborative and strength focused way to promote understanding and sensitive care. This project evaluates a first look at the fit, uptake and impact of this intervention in sites across four provinces.

Supporting Kinship & Foster Parents Promotes Resilience and Wellbeing in Teens in Care: An Attachment and Trauma Informed Intervention

This project provides training to community-based practitioners to deliver a trauma informed and attachment focused group-based intervention to foster and kinship parents in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. The project supports caregivers in developing sensitive and strength-focused caregiving skills in the context of adolescent trauma to promote a sense of security within relationships and support adolescents’ resilience. Caregivers are guided in groups through 10 sessions, engaging with new learning material, role plays, and reflection exercises. The project will evaluate the adapted version of Connect for foster and kinship parents to determine fit and relevance, as well as the long-term benefits for caregivers and youth, efficacy, and sustainability.

Lead organization: Simon Fraser University

Location: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec


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