Nurturing Child Development and Well Being in Refugee Children and Families (Phase 1)

This project supports healthy child development and developmentally sensitive services for refugee children and families.

Nurturing Child Development and Well Being in Refugee Children and Families: A Developmental Approach to Mental Health Promotion

With the help of our community partners, we strive to promote the mental health and positive development of refugee children and their caregivers from the Middle East and other regions. We will conduct a needs assessment to better understand the experiences and needs of refugee families. This will involve interviewing refugee caregivers, practitioners, and decision-makers about their perspectives on service needs, strengths, and supports in the community. Building upon this collaborative work, we will develop and implement an intervention approach for refugee caregivers and practitioners who work with refugee families. This will include training from our team of clinical and child development specialists to promote caregiving strategies and support, coping skills, and positive child development within the context of a resettlement experience. We will also develop a knowledge translation strategy to promote public awareness of our findings and expand the reach of our project to all refugee children and families. Ultimately, we hope that increasing mental health and positive development through intervention and public awareness will inform social policies that promote the well-being and inclusion of refugee children and families.

Lead organization: Centre for Child Development, Mental Health, and Policy, University of Toronto

Location: Ontario

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