Programme HORS-PISTE (Phase 1)

The HORS-PISTE program serves students in Secondary and aims to allow them to better deal with their developmental challenges to prevent the emergence of symptoms linked to anxiety disorders and to other adjustment disorders.

Prévenir les troubles anxieux chez les élèves du secondaire : évaluation de l’implantation et des effets du Programme HORS-PISTE pour une mise à l’échelle dans l’ensemble du Québec

The HORS-PISTE program targets high school students and aims to enable them to better deal with developmental challenges in order to prevent the appearance of symptoms related to anxiety disorders and to other adjustment disorders. The HORS-PISTE program aims more specifically, in the short term, to develop psychosocial skills that are determinants of health and well-being (e.g. adapting and managing stress, regulating emotions, demonstrating empathy, etc.). The program has two components to promote a continuum of interventions: HORS-PISTE exploration (universal prevention component) which is implemented with all students, and HORS-PISTE expedition (early intervention component) for students who remain vulnerable because of the presence of certain anxiety symptoms and certain risk factors proximal to anxiety, despite their participation in the exploration component.

The project aims to co-create, consolidate, implement and evaluate an improved version of the HORS-PISTE Program for Secondary 1 to 5 in 45 schools in Quebec; validate and consolidate the theory of the HORS-PISTE Program thanks to a rigorous evaluation of the implementation and its effects; and produce a new version that can be implemented in all regions of Quebec.

Lead organization: Université de Sherbrooke

Location: Québec


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