A Roadmap for Collaborative and Effective Evaluation in Tribal Communities

Author: Tribal Evaluation Workgroup (2013)
Publication Date: 2013

Tribal Evaluation Workgroup. “A Roadmap for Collaborative and Effective Evaluation in Tribal Communities.” Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. September 2013.


This resource, created by the US-based Child Welfare Research & Evaluation Tribal Workgroup, addresses the complexities of designing culturally appropriate evaluations – specifically evaluations of Indigenous-led programs. The authors suggest key principles for relationship-building and valuing multiple ways of knowing/doing/thinking. While this resource focuses on the development of a theory of change for a specific initiative, it shares important insights into the process and provides an alternative to linear theory of change models.

Potential use

This resource may be helpful for those creating non-linear theories of change, including circular models that incorporate values in the project theory.

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