Evaluating social innovation

Author: Preskill, H., & Beer, T., FSG (2012)
Publication Date: 2012

Preskill, H., & Beer, T. FSG & Center for Evaluation Innovation, (2012). Evaluating social innovation.


This resource focuses on ways that traditional evaluation approaches and practices can constrain innovation, and offers insights into how developmental evaluation (DE) can be used throughout the life of the program, allowing for ongoing learning and adjustments. Several case examples provide illustrations of how DE has been applied, along with highlights and lessons from these experiences.

This accompanying FSG webinar provides an overview of the Evaluating Social Innovation report and explores the experiences and learnings of a few panelists with implementing developmental evaluations of their complex social innovations.

Webinar: Evaluating Social Innovation: Insights from the Field

Potential use

This resource offers a way for projects to think about what evaluation approach is the best fit for each life stage of their intervention, and how DE can be used alongside a traditional evaluation for emerging aspects of an initiative. Examples of how DE has been applied in different contexts will be useful to increase understanding of how DE can be used and for what purposes.

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