Just Societies: Health Equity and Dignified Lives

Author: Pan American Health Organization (2019)
Publication Date: 2019

Pan American Health Organization on Equity and Health Inequalities in the Americas (2019). Just Societies: Health Equity and Dignified Lives. Washington, D.C.: PAHO, 2019.


This comprehensive report focuses on achieving greater health equity and opportunity for a dignified life within the Americas. A framework is used to organize the report according to its main components: existing inequalities, structural drivers of health inequities, conditions for daily life, intersectionality, and taking action; evidence and recommendations are discussed throughout. The report pays specific attention to structural racism, colonialism, and relationship to land. Canadian context and examples are present throughout the report but are not its focus.

Potential use

This report offers a rich source of information about drivers of inequity and promising initiatives; it may be of interest to those looking for evidence, examples, and relevant resources in this topic area.

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