Mental Health Promotion Knowledge Competencies

Author: International Union for Health Promotion and Education (2022)

International Union for Health Promotion and Education. (2022). Mental Health Promotion Knowledge Competencies. Paris: IUHPE.


Developed in response to the need for a shared global understanding of mental health promotion, the Mental Health Promotion Knowledge Competencies articulate the foundational base of knowledge unique to mental health promotion that serves to strengthen the development of mental health promotion practice. These competencies are also intended as a tool to build capacity and expertise in program management, and to support the effective implementation of mental health promotion programs. As such, this resource outlines the underlying concepts and ethical principles of mental health promotion, and highlights areas of specialized knowledge necessary for effective mental health promotion implementation (e.g., theories and models, research methods, systems and policies, effective communication).

Potential use

For those interested in learning the basic tenets of mental health promotion, improving skills in program management, increasing capacity for more effective program implementation, and/or benefiting from a shared understanding of mental health promotion across programs or countries.

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