Resources for preventing substance-related harms in youth

Author: Public Health Agency of Canada (2023)

Public Health Agency of Canada. (2023). Resources for preventing substance-related harms in youth.


Curated by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), this website offers a collection of resources to support school communities and community organizations in their efforts to prevent substance use and promote wellbeing among Canadian youth. Resources are organized by description (title), published date (2018-2022), audience (schools, parents, youth, communities, and health providers), and format (publications, videos, research briefs, and infographics), and many have been co-developed with partner organizations that include The Students Commission of Canada, Western Centre for School Mental Health, and The Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health. Main themes include new ways of thinking and communicating about youth substance use, enhancing wellbeing using a positive youth development approach, community-based primary prevention, strategies for effective school-based initiatives, and leveraging community engagement and collaboration.

Potential use

This collection of resources provides practical information and tools for individuals and organizations interested in evidence-based, action-oriented approaches to preventing youth substance use and related harms. Research briefs and videos are highly relevant for school communities seeking to develop and implement school-based strategies to promote wellbeing and prevent substance use among students.

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