The MSP Guide: How to design and facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships

Author: Brouwer, H., Woodhill, J., Hemmati, M., … (2016)
Publication Date: 2016

Brouwer, H., Woodhill, J., Hemmati, M., Verhoosel, K. & Vugt, S. (2016). The MSP Guide, How to design and facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships. Wageningen: Wageningen University and Research, CDI, and Rugby, UK: Practical Action Publishing.


This book provides research, case studies and a series of how-to-guides to develop successful multi-stakeholder partnerships in different settings with a variety of stakeholders. The resource is comprehensive and summarizes a wide range of literature, making it useful for users interested in setting up a partnership, or refining their current strategy for partnerships.

Potential use

This resource is useful for projects at all stages of partnership development. Along with the principles and how-to-guides that cover some of the key ingredients for multi-stakeholder partnerships, the resource includes a useful section on facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships that focuses on techniques and strategies for bringing diverse actors together and achieving positive results. The 60 participatory tools are particularly useful for those starting out in convening groups and wanting to test new techniques for dialogue and action.

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