The TIDE Project in Partnership with YWCA Toronto Resource List

Author: Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (2016-2020)

Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health. (2016-2020). The TIDE Project in Partnership with YWCA Toronto.


The Centre for Excellence for Women’s Health partnered with the YWCA Toronto for the TIDE project (Trauma Informed Development and Education) between 2016-2020. This is a list of resources developed during the undertaking of this project. Resources of interest for mental health promotion include a trauma-informed organizational framework, worksheets to support trauma-informed practice and presentations to support implementation. This list also includes a link to a presentation by Dr. Nancy Poole, summarizing the organizational shift to trauma-informed practice at the YWCA Toronto.

Potential use

These resources are relevant to organizations looking to incorporate trauma-informed practice into their structures, policies and procedures. The resource list is useful for the practical implications of trauma-informed approaches at the organization level.

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