Well-being and resiliency: the miyo resource – kâ-nâkatohkêhk miyo-ohpikinawâwasowin

Author: Alberta Children’s Services (2019)
Publication Date: 2019

Alberta Children’s Services. (2019). Well-being and resiliency: the miyo resource – kâ-nâkatohkêhk miyo-ohpikinawâwasowin. Edmonton, AB: Alberta Children’s Services.


This resource explains Indigenous wisdom-seeking practices in great richness and detail, including the teachings of different Indigenous nations in Alberta. This document stresses the importance of using Indigenous approaches and learnings alongside western approaches to inform service reform. It also includes outcomes and indicators framed on Indigenous dimensions of well-being (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), with levels of evidence and data sources. Although written with a focus on Indigenous groups and service delivery in Alberta, the information is relevant more broadly.

Potential use

Recommended reading for mental health promotion actors or groups that engage or influence Indigenous population groups, as well as for anyone interested in learning about Indigenous approaches to well-being.

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