YouthRex – Trauma-Informed Youth Work

Author: YouthREX (2023)

YouthRex. (2023). Trauma-informed youth work: learn more resources.


YouthRex hosts a free online workshop to support organizations and individuals to utilize a trauma-informed approach in their work with youth. The workshop provides information about how trauma affects young people, and how healing-centered engagement can support work with youth.

YouthRex has also curated a list of resources to support trauma-informed youth work. Included in this list are resources general to trauma-informed approaches, and also topics specific to working with Black youth, racial trauma, and addressing trauma in boys of colour in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Potential use

This workshop and resource list are relevant to those looking for a learning-based tool for support in implementing trauma-informed approaches with youth. The curated list of resources is relevant to all organizations working with youth but may be of particular significance to organizations supporting Black and racialized youth.

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