Child and Youth Mental Health Promotion in Your Context

Preceded by sessions that explored mental health promotion within the international and national contexts, this interactive session used the iceberg systems model to help symposium participants explore the contexts, landscapes, and systems in which they work. The tip of the iceberg (above the waterline) includes visible elements such as interventions, services, and research data. The larger, less visible part of iceberg (below the waterline) includes elements such as social norms, policies, and deeply held beliefs that exert a powerful influence on what happens above the waterline. Participants selected from a choice of eight themes for this exercise.

Key messages

    • All themes relating to child and youth mental health promotion – early years, school-based, youth and young adults, caregivers, Indigenous, newcomers, the field of child and youth mental health promotion, and equity – were rich contexts for exploration

Small group resources

    • Claire Betker, Mariette Chartier, Claire Crooks, Alexandra Fortier, Chaya Kulkarni, Sarah Mughal, Brenda Restoule, Trish van Katwyk

Small group facilitators

    • Jennifer Attack, Ashley Cooper, Andrea LaMarre, Dianne Oickle, Barb Riley, Laura Struik, Renata Valaitis, Susan Watt


January 26, 2021