Context-Sensitive Planning for the Short-Term: Hub Supports

The MHP-IF is approaching the final year of phase 1. In this session, the Hub provided an opportunity for all participants to shape Hub priorities for the next year. A short presentation from the Hub highlighted selective findings from a recent online survey of MHP-IF projects, and Hub supports under development. The presentation was followed by an interactive co-design process to gather participant ‘wish lists’ for Hub contributions to new knowledge creation from the MHP-IF and strengthening connections and other system supports.

Key messages

    • There is a great deal of potential for mutual learning within the MHP-IF community and beyond
    • Pandemic adaptation stories are of interest and may help advance child and youth mental health promotion knowledge and practice in the short- and long-term
    • Strengthening system supports for child and youth mental health promotion could benefit from a better understanding and shared language around key concepts in this field, even amongst those who self-identify as being involved in the field


    • Renata Valaitis, Evaluation and Research Manager, KDE Hub
    • Mari Alice Jolin, Managing Director, KDE Hub

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January 27, 2021