The KDE Hub Annual Symposium is an opportunity to gather, to learn, to share, and work together for mental health promotion in Canada. These gatherings:
  1. Create supportive connections within and between the project communities that the Hub supports and those with shared interests
  2. Increase knowledge and build skills in selective areas that are relevant and timely for mental health promotion and mental illness prevention
  3. Inspire a shared vision for how learnings from projects can contribute to mental health promotion in Canada
Annual Symposium 2021

The Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund in Context: People, Positioning, Pandemic, Potential

The KDE Hub hosted the first annual symposium January 25-27, 2021. This symposium was a short, yet concentrated window of time during which those involved in the MHP-IF were invited to explore relevant and varied contexts influencing their work, and contexts they can influence. Speakers, discussants and guests from beyond the MHP-IF enriched the exploration and learning. Participants explored:
  • people and places of the Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund (MHP-IF),
  • positioning of the program on international through local levels,
  • influence of the pandemic, and
  • the potential to advance child and youth mental health promotion in Canada.

Closing Celebration

Many good journeys are circular. The closing session returned to where we started, with the people and places of the Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund (MHP-IF), and with our intentions to explore these and other contexts that influence and are…