“The power of one”

The power of one may seem at odds with addressing structural and systemic determinants of mental health. But the KDE Hub’s 2022 Annual Symposium, held February 16-18, brought these ideas together. The power of one was referenced several times after Dr. Wendy Fletcher, President & Vice-Chancellor, Renison University College shared her opening remarks of benefiting from that power in her opening remarks. The power of one person to change a life. The power of one community to work together for a greater common good. The power of the ones who gather to share ideas and collaborate. The KDE Hub’s March 2022 Update is a special edition that includes the main messages and outputs from the Hub’s 2nd annual symposium. The Update shares the vision and direction for mental health promotion in Canada that emerged from those who gathered at the event. Their voices and stories are captured in two short videos, referenced in the Update.

The event is over, but the power of this one event lies in the energy and commitment it inspires in each of us for helping mental health promotion flourish in our own lives and others. We hope the messages, spirit and products in the special edition Update are a source of inspiration for doing so.