Update on Hub-developed tools: 8 promised, 8 posted, 2 to come!

Did you do the math? The Hub is delivering two bonus tools in this summer 2021 surge. The ‘surge’ is from us; we do not intend it for anyone who may use the tools. We describe the reason for the surge in our previous blog. It is primarily to support a transition from the first to the second phase of the Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund (MHP-IF). This new set of Hub tools is also foreshadowing workshop topics for the Hub’s 2nd annual symposium in early 2022 – dates to be confirmed soon. All topics will explore how to make the most of what is expected to be a ‘growth phase’ for mental health promotion (spoiler alert on the theme!).

Below is an updated list of Hub tools that are part of the summer 2021 surge, with links to those already posted on our website in Hub-developed resources. Thanks again to all involved in co-designing these tools.

  1. Selective frameworks for mental health promotion worldviews and concepts – a curation and annotation of resources for promoting (mental) health and health equity, especially for diverse populations
  2. ADDED Project management for child and youth mental health promotion – a comprehensive inventory of topics that are relevant for designing, implementing, evaluating, and scaling mental health promotion projects (Note: A draft of this tool was first released in June 2020. It is updated and now available in English and French.)
  3. Exploring systems relevant to child and youth mental health promotion – a combination of a 20-minute video and a written guide that provides information on systems, examples of systems maps, and a participatory exercise for mapping systems
  4. Developing and choosing intervention study questions – support to guide projects in choosing and refining questions that are relevant and answerable
  5. ADDED Intervention study questions by stage of project development – building on the above tool, this tool helps projects locate themselves at different stages of project development and consider intervention study questions that are suitable at those stages
  6. Developing an outcomes measurement approach – provides a pool of desired outcomes at multiple levels for advancing mental health promotion and guidance on choosing what to measure
  7. Feasible enhancements for intervention study designs – describes some enhancements to intervention study designs that are generally practical to implement and strengthen what projects can say about the difference they are making
  8. Suggested minimum tracking for project activities and participants – suggests minimum information for projects to collect about what they do (project activities) and with whom (project participants)
  9. COMING Applying an Indigenous lens – a resource to get practical about applying an Indigenous lens, posing the types of questions that need to be asked within project teams and with partners
  10. Practice guidance from Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund projects’ pandemic adaptations – shares specific actions taken by MHP-IF projects as they adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, quotations from projects, and contact information for them