Webinar: Mental Health Promotion in Canada: Leveraging global and local assets to accelerate our progress and impact

The need for mental health promotion (MHP) has never been greater and it’s least developed on the mental health continuum. This webinar featured the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund (MHP-IF) as a multi-year, multi-phase approach for advancing MHP in Canada. Participants learned about local assets within the MHP-IF; 20 projects funded through the program, all with a shared interest in MHP, with diverse populations and in over 120 places across Canada. They learned about national assets within the MHP-IF, including the KDE Hub and goals for advancing policy and other system supports for MHP. The main global asset described was the recently released position statement on MHP from the International Union of Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE). Participants were invited to consider the opportunity for leveraging these local, national, and global assets to advance MHP in Canada.

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