Webinar: Project Management Tool and public announcements

This webinar served two purposes. The first was to introduce a project management tool that the KDE Hub has developed in response to the needs assessment with projects funded through the Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund (MHP-IF).

The second purpose was to explore if and how projects and the Hub might coordinate plans for any public announcements. Most recent guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada on announcing ourselves publicly is permission to do so, and to inform them of any planned announcements about one month in advance. Up to this point (to our knowledge), no plans have been shared, so later in July will be a first opportunity to make any announcements. In the meantime, a Ministerial announcement of the MHP-IF program is still being considered for early July. Each project team and the Hub will shape their own announcement plans (audiences, messages, methods, timing). Some degree of coordination within the MHP-IF community may help to achieve shared interests in generating awareness, interest, enthusiasm, and engagement with the MHP-IF as well as with child and youth mental health promotion (CYMHP) more generally.

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